Navigating Corporate Politics

Today I posted a revised version of my article -- Corporate Power and Politics:  Navigating the Minefield.

I made a decision last week with respect to this article.  I combined it with a series of thirty or so blog posts, and created a short book on Corporate Politics.  Because most of the raw material already existed, I was able to complete a first draft last week, and already have it out for proof-reading.  I'm hoping to have it available in a few weeks.

As a part of the process, I updated the article, making numerous tweeks and improvements.   While the basic theme is the same, as are the poltical tactics, I did clean up the power/politics and formal/informal system concepts quite a bit.

So I invite readers to take a look.  And comment.  I would love to hear about some additional political tactics people are aware of, or a different way of looking at the political environment.